The introduction of improved versions of HTML5 and CSS3 is set to revolutionize both web, iPad and mobile technology platforms. The two are expected to transform mobile and web experience into a spectacular journey.

To begin with, HTML5 has taken the critical elements of web development a notch higher in solving concerns that were not adequately addressed by the earlier editions of HTML. It is anticipated that HTML5 will be adopted by companies such as Google and Apple to allow the incorporation of mobile platform and web technologies. This speculation is backed by the presence of these companies among HTML5 development supporters.

This is expected to go a long way in sustaining web oriented and web supported mobile gadgets and structures to offer conducive settings for fully developed web applications and cloud services. This is well reflected in the notable switch from bulky machines such as desk top PCs to convenient, high performance, light weight, gadgets that are easy to handle and move around with making them more preferred especially in the global market arena.

So what features of CSS3 and HTML5 can add value to the mobile web platform? A closer analysis of CSS3 reveals a number of features that support is suitability for the mobile web platform as well as general web design needs. These include the possibility of implanting custom fonts, the inclusion of see though page elements, insertion of numerous background pictures, creation of curved edges for rectangular areas, creation of shades for fonts and regions and the conversion and changeover for web kit based browsers.

HTML5 also comes with multi-user benefits that can be incorporated to the mobile web platform. First, HTML5 has inbuilt video and audio streaming capabilities hence users will not be prompted to install third party audio and flash players to access multimedia.

Secondly, HTML5 allows for storage of data offline through data caching mainly on the client’s part making the experience even as well as increasing the availability of the application. Thirdly, HTML5 boasts of a comprehensive drag and drop support that enhances the web experience and web sockets that ease up the interactive connections made to the server especially for applications such as chats.

The other feature which makes HTML5 suitable for iPad, iPhone and other mobile web is its extended drawing potential that comes in handy in the development of 2D games, flowcharts and eye-catching interfaces that have way outdone the primary HTML version. Lastly, HTML5 has also incorporated the geolocation function that offers information that relates to the users physical location based on GPS and Wi-Fi signals.

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