HTML5, Mobile Technologies and PSD to HTML5 Coding Service

PSD to HTML5 conversion services is vital in bridging the gap between back-end programming and graphic design. Initially, clients of PSD to HTML5 coding would split a mobile edition of their website. This was translated to a motionless stump of the desktop edition but with a layout best suited for a mall display.

But with the latest technological development, it is possible to have full websites that were only suited for desktops viewed well on net books, desktops, tablets, smart phones from different manufacturers. This way, most businesses have been able to gain profits as web technologies embrace cross platform websites in order to move evenly with the competitive markets.

Although not fully accepted, HTML5 and CSS3 already have some of their features incorporated by latest versions of the major web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE9 among others. Companies specializing in PSD to HTML5 conversion have are already embracing CSS3 and HTML5 possibilities as a way of maximizing the new features and promote even switch when the standards are fully acknowledged.

XHTMLTEAM.COM is a PSD to XHTML and PSD to HTML5 company that has helped a lot of designers, developers and web companies to save time and money on conversion their designs into high end XHTML/HTML5/CSS3.

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