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Data Entry Outsourcing Services Company

XHTMLTEAM provides highly accurate and scalable data conversion and data entry services. Outsource your data entry project within budget. Our team is readily available to serve you, ensuring accurate and error-free data conversion.

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Outsourcing Data Entry Services Company

Looking for affordable, accurate data entry outsourcing? Hire XHTMLTEAM, a data entry and HTML conversion firm, to ensure accuracy and enhance the efficiency of your data collection.

Price : $4 - $6 (USD) per hour.

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Data Processing Services Company

We are a leading outsourcing data processing services company, offering high-quality PDF to Excel data processing at the lowest prices with exceptional accuracy.

Price : $4 - $6 (USD) per hour.

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Data Conversion Services Company

As a top document conversion business, we provide data conversion services to transform large quantities of PDFs into Word and Text documents, and books into eBooks.

Price : $4 - $6 (USD) per hour.

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Web Research Services Company

Do you require expert web research services? Our experienced online research team ensures precise data management and reporting.

Price : $4 - $6 (USD) per hour.

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Document Scanning and OCR Company

Outsource your scanning services and benefit from a comprehensive range of back-office solutions, including scanning and OCR services, all offered at unbeatable prices.

Price : $4 - $6 (USD) per hour.

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Ecommerce Data Entry Services Company

Ecommerce Data Entry Services: Customize your catalog for platforms like Magento, Ecommerce, WooCommerce, etc., with our expert assistance.

Price : $4 - $6 (USD) per hour.

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Photo Editing & Background Removal

Our photo editing service enhances picture quality and removes background colors to ensure stunning results.

Price : $4 - $6 (USD) per hour.

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Data Capture and Data Extraction

Data Capture and Data Extraction Services: We specialize in PDF to Excel data entry, as well as offline and online data entry services.

Price : $4 - $6 (USD) per hour.

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eBook Conversion Services Company

Convert books, magazines, documents, and more into digital formats of your choice with our eBook conversion services.

Price : $4 - $6 (USD) per hour.

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Data Table Conversion Services

Our skilled professionals efficiently convert scanned documents of data tables into CSV, MS Excel, and other spreadsheet formats while ensuring accuracy.

Price : $4 - $6 (USD) per hour.

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Electronic Data Conversion Company

We offer proven solutions for converting and storing paper-based information into an electronic format for easy retrieval through a web browser.

Price : $4 - $6 (USD) per hour.

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Document Conversion

We possess the resources to convert digital documents into various formats, including JPEG, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more.

Price : $4 - $6 (USD) per hour.

The Most Trusted Provider of Data Conversion Services

XHTMLTEAM is a licensed Data Entry outsourcing company specializing in Data Entry, Data Conversion, Data Processing, and related services. Our comprehensive Data Entry service is the ideal solution for all your data management needs. By outsourcing to XHTMLTEAM, you can eliminate the hassle of in-house data processing and management, ensuring optimal efficiency for your organization.

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Why XHTMLTEAM is the Best Choice for Data Conversion

We proudly serve clients across the globe, including the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Our diverse client base spans various industries such as universities in the USA, UK, and Canada, educational institutions, marketing firms, e-commerce businesses (Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce), media companies, medical research institutions, retail businesses, and trade associations. Our experts deliver top-notch outsourced data conversion services, covering tasks like data importing, scrubbing, uploading, validating, and exporting. We ensure efficiency and meet immediate client requirements.

Here are the advantages of outsourcing data conversion services to us:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: We deliver premium-quality services at economical rates, saving you both time and money.
  2. Accurate Data: We maintain well-established quality control benchmarks, and our professionals adhere to standards, ensuring you receive precisely what you expect.
  3. Error-Free Data: We provide premium conversion services virtually free from glitches, boasting a documented error rate of less than 0.01%.
  4. Qualified Experts: Our experts demonstrate significant expertise in data analysis. We analyze your data before or after conversion, assisting you in extracting actionable business insights.
  5. 24*7 Customer Support: For any questions, additional project needs, or details about our services, our customer care professionals are available to assist you.
  6. We Work Remotely: When you hire us, there's no need to worry about supervising our staff. Our team works remotely and independently. We are always available for communication via Skype or Zoom calls to ensure smooth and effective collaboration.

We offer a wide variety of Data Conversion services. Our Data Conversion services include:-

Data conversion services involve transforming data from one format to another to ensure compatibility with various applications. These services range from simple file importation to complex tasks like importing, validating, cleansing, and restructuring non-relational data into relational databases. Data conversion can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, diverting focus from strategic projects.

As a professional PSD to HTML conversion company, we enable clients to outsource the following data conversion services:

  • Outsource Online Data Entry through Remote Desktop Server
  • Outsource Magento Website Product Data
  • Outsource Bookkeeping data entry in QuickBooks Entry
  • Outsource Copy Paste Name Labels From PDF to Excel and Word
  • Outsource Data Entry From PDF to Excel
  • Outsource BigCommerce Product Data Entry
  • Outsource Data Entry of Scanning documents and receipts
  • Outsource Magento Listing Upload/ Product upload and update ecommerce
  • Outsource Online Data Entry Services
  • Outsource Data Entry into Excel from Scanned Document
  • Outsource Website Contacts Collection
  • Outsource Web research and data entry
  • Outsource Offline Data Entry Services
  • Outsource Amazon Data Entry and Data Maintenance
  • Outsource PDF conversion to Excel, Word, HTML
  • Outsource Invoices/ Bills Data Entry Services
  • Outsource Typing Services
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Outsourcing Data Entry: Why Our Company is the Best Choice for Data Conversion

Our expertise and innovative solutions ensure high quality, reduced costs, and flexible delivery to help you meet your goals and deadlines. We support you at every phase, enabling faster, smarter market entry. Choose us as your trusted partner for guaranteed top-quality services and support.


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15 years of experience in Data Conversion Services


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Data Conversion: Frequently Asked Questions

Data conversion services transform data format, structure, or type to enhance compatibility across systems, ensuring usability and seamless integration between different platforms.

  1. Text Documents: Convert PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, Word to HTML, RTF to TXT for compatibility with different applications.
  2. Spreadsheets:: Convert Excel to CSV or migrate data between different database management systems.
  3. Images: Transform images between formats, such as JPEG to PNG, TIFF to PDF, SVG to EPS, etc.
  4. Structured and Unstructured Data: Transform structured data, unstructured data, legacy data, and industry-specific data for compatibility between different systems, long-term accessibility, and usage.

When selecting a data conversion company, consider factors such as expertise, supported data types, technology, customer service, and pricing structure.

We employ a comprehensive set of measures to guarantee the confidentiality and security of the data we handle. These include Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), user-based access controls, data encryption, secure storage, and thorough data retention and deletion policies.

The duration of a data conversion process varies, typically taking from a few hours to several weeks. Factors include data volume, complexity, formats, systems, project requirements, and client timelines.

We're ready to sign an NDA before beginning the project. Every project is kept confidential, treated as white-label. We won't display samples on our website without permission.

Yes, we have the capability to handle large projects effectively and efficiently. Our experienced team is well-equipped to manage the demands of substantial projects.

If you're in a rush, we highly recommend opting for Premium package or reaching out through chat/email to discuss your needs before placing an order.


Sketch to Code

Our process of turning Sketch designs into code, whether through direct methods or via Zeplin, guarantees top-notch quality.


PSD to Code

We started our HTML conversion journey with Photoshop, and our clients still use it. Feel free to reach out for a quote.


Any Design to Code

If you design the layouts in specific design software, then no problem. Please share the designs in any format.


Data Conversion

We don't just turn designs into code; we also handle data-related conversions, such as data entry, .doc to HTML and more.

  • Data Entry Services
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Research
  • Document Scanning & OCR Services
  • Photo Editing & Background Removal
  • Shopify Product Upload Services
  • eBook Conversion Services